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Discover suitable topics for advanced training courses that inspire you and your teaching staff. I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested. Together we will create an offer specially tailored to your needs.

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Digital now!
How to enrich your teaching with media

Available as a webinar or face-to-face

Start a new fire with your music lesson! Discover how you can inspire the natural motivation of your students, inspire them in the long term and use the individual wishes and goals of the learners for a happy and successful path into the world of music. As a special addition, you will discover a lot of interesting facts about brain-friendly learning in practical music education.


"Brillant!", Prof. Reinhold Friedrich after a lecture Motivating music lessons, August 2019


Fully motivated
Recipes for success in your classroom

Available as a webinar or face-to-face

How can music lessons be designed in such a way that they inspire students in the long term, take their wishes and goals into account, and still (or precisely because of this) manage to achieve a high musical level?


In addition to useful basics of motivation, aspects of storytelling and gamification will be addressed with practical examples. In addition, you will learn a lot of useful things about digital add-ons such as websites, apps or learning platforms.


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Pretty wild
Teach special students in a relaxed manner

Available as a webinar or face-to-face

Who does not know the lessons in which students are jittery and distracted - hardly able to concentrate on the content and making music. Discover easy-to-implement strategies to enrich your own lessons in such a way that easily distractable bundles of energy, special pupils or children and adolescents affected by ADHD can learn successfully and with motivation.


This training teaches strategies for successful music education practice with restless pupils and encourages you to find special ways with these children. Ways that make it possible for the children to arrive in the world of music and use their talents. As a special addition, you will find valuable information in this publication to minimize stress caused by lessons with restless pupils.

Fully motivated music theory
Playfully teach - inspire students!

Available as a webinar or face-to-face

Teach your students about music theory with motivating game formats.


How do you teach important content of music theory in a brain-friendly way? What tricks will help your students enjoy this knowledge? Which platforms and apps are easy to use? Turn your lessons into an experience and offer fresh impulses in terms of fully motivated music theory lessons!


The games presented are suitable for online and face-to-face lessons. Many game formats can be used regardless of age, instrument and group size.


On stage!
New motivation through amazing student concerts

Available as a webinar or face-to-face

Make your students concerts outstanding with easy-to-implement concepts! Tried and tested concert formats such as Mickey Mouse silent films, “With the time machine through music history”, country or composer portraits will inspire your students!


Experience how the student concert “Above the Clouds” can be carried out with little time and money.


It is possible to expand this module with the element «stage fright». How can you work on the topic with children and young people? And how do you get your students to stand on stage free from the fear of performing!


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