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Discover suitable topics for advanced training courses that inspire you and your teaching staff. I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested. Together we will create an offer specially tailored to your needs.

Motivating music lessons

Facts about motivation

In this course, you will learn how motivation works and what influence you have on the motivation of your counterpart. You will discover possible goals for your lessons and helpful practical tools that will ensure plenty of motivation and eagerness to practise. What you can do to spark your pupils' motivation to make music and how you can benefit from these elements yourself in order to stay motivated and enthusiastic about teaching in the long term will also be a topic of this course day. A training course with exciting fireworks full of easy-to-implement ideas, goals and new impulses for every lesson. The many practical tools that ensure motivation and eagerness to practise can be used immediately. Please bring with you: Writing utensils and notepad Your musical instrument, if easy to transport


Future Trends

Music education for tomorrow's pupils

What will it look like, the music school of the future, and what skills do we teachers need to provide motivating, inspiring and successful music lessons in a world full of artificial intelligence? Which simple digital elements are future trends in music education and can already be an asset in our face-to-face lessons today? You will find out what Generation Z and Generation Alpha need from music lessons and how you can reconcile these with high-quality music education. In playful course elements, you will get to know gamification elements with which you can make your lessons more exciting in no time at all, even without a cell phone, tablet or similar device. And you will try out easy-to-use apps in the group that increase the learning success of our students. Discover lots of practical examples that are easy to implement and will make your face-to-face lessons even more valuable and turn your lessons into a motivating adventure for your students! Please bring with you: - Notepad / pens - Cell phone or tablet plus suitable headphones and charger if necessary - your own musical instrument, if easy to transport

Students with ADHD in music lessons

How music lessons with restless or poorly concentrating students can succeed

How can we manage our students' concentration and attention? Discover tried-and-tested strategies for dealing with children and young people who have difficulty concentrating as well as those who are very restless or suffer from ADHD. You will learn how to use the power of music to create valuable flow moments and how to use movement games for musical learning. Not only will your pupils benefit from the relaxation techniques presented, but so will you. The methods presented ensure a high level of concentration, lasting learning experiences and a relaxed working atmosphere. As a result, you and your pupils will not only enjoy making music, but also experience a great sense of happiness. Please bring along: Writing utensils and notepad Your musical instrument, if easy to transport

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Practicing and making music with apps and gamification

Digital highlights in music lessons

In this course, Kristin Thielemann gives an insight into her tried-and-tested and new apps for instrumental lessons that have a positive impact on the motivation and performance of our pupils. Digital elements are presented that facilitate learning in traditional lessons, but also in hybrid forms or in the flipped classroom concept, use the joy of playing or the desire to "gamble" and promote self-learning among young people. Selected apps will be tried out and their use in the classroom will be discussed. You will learn about gamification and the benefits for your lessons. We will also look at the transfer of gamification elements to completely non-digital lessons and you will discover escape room games for learning while making music with a group The lecturer will also present the benefits of digital learning platforms, practice apps and hybrid learning methods, which are a good addition to lessons. Please bring along: Writing utensils and notepad Your musical instrument, if easy to transport Your mobile device, headphones and charger if necessary

Practise effectively and with motivation - perform with confidence

success with effective practicing technique

Would you like to learn difficult pieces of music on your instrument quickly and effectively? Do you want to practice with motivation, joy and ease? In the workshop "Effective and motivated practicing" with Kristin Thielemann, you will learn exciting practicing techniques that will help you reach your goal more quickly and easily. The instructor will also present digital tools that can provide valuable support when we want to learn more easily. Techniques and emergency tricks for dealing with stage fright and performance anxiety will also be taught and practiced. Please bring your own: Writing utensils Your musical instrument, if easy to transport a pair of sunglasses Post-It's (size and color doesn't matter)

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Motivating lessons for brass players

Breathing technique, new music, students with misaligned teeth

In addition to knowledge from motivation research and its application to brass instrument teaching, there are many exciting impulses, literature and didactic tips for teaching young and old that will enrich your teaching concept. Which teaching elements ensure happy and motivated learning, increase performance and self-competence and encourage independent music-making? How do beginners achieve a stable embouchure and good breathing in a playful way? How can we use storytelling and gamification to make our lessons so lively that even complicated content and techniques are experienced as easy by our students? How can we create musically high-quality lessons from homogeneous to heterogeneous groups with the improvisation of film music without a great deal of preparation? Addendum: With fixed braces in trumpet lessons - what now? Please bring along: Your own musical instrument Writing utensils

Further training topics

or keynotes on request

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Votes & Feedback


 Prof. Reinhold Friedrich 

After a lecture on motivation at Liebfrauenberg Castle

When you plan a training course for the music teachers of your school, you have certain ideas about the content, and you are all the more pleased when these ideas are even exceeded. Thank you very much for your inspiring ideas and the entertaining presentation - this is a treasure for us, because these ideas are practicable for all levels and teaching situations of our students.

 Martina Bley

Deputy Head of School Music School District of Oldenburg

What an incredible day. I would never have thought that the workshop on motivation would be a day that would enrich my teaching so positively and that I, as an experienced teacher, would come out of a training course so completely euphoric for the first time. Thank you for your great work, which is a great treasure for our profession. I would have loved to stay another day, dear Kristin!

 Susanne Müller

Music teacher


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